Pop-up cocktails looking for permanence

Anyone who paid attention during high school knows that the best way to become popular is to buy a bunch of booze and throw a party, and that's exactly the driving force behind Brooklyn Pop-Up Cocktail Hours, a series of roving shindigs being thrown at venues ranging from rooftops to jewelry stores. Each soiree features a unique set of themed 'tails developed by the organizer (aka., The Brooklyn Bar Chef), and while hooch sponsors ensure the good times're totally free, his ultimate goal's to raise enough awareness/donations to start chugging beer on a bar he plans to call Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Meticulously kitchen-lab-tested tipples are kept under wraps until party time, but past hits have included a bacon-infused bourbon & Black Grouse number called the Baron Munchausen, and the Days of Wine and Roses: a concoction of gin, lemon juice, and Niagara Grape Vermouth that no doubt led to several falls

Those hitting the next event will definitely encounter a gin joint incorporating a homemade strawberry "shrub", food from the Bonhomie Supper Club (robiola & black truffle carpaccio sandwiches, award-winning razor clam chowder w/ saffron oil...), and loft digs known as the Chocolate Factory guaranteeing this party's Wilder than the last one

And when WTF gets rolling, you can expect it to be the "future of cocktails", incorporating the 'tail wizardry he's honed during the pop-ups while mixing in tech touches like an in-house iPad app that'll guide imbibers to a perfectly bespoke quaff, though if it doesn't cover beer, they clearly missed the second-easiest way to become popular in high school: give everyone a ton of head.