The Sleep No More crew does cocktails and punch, in the daylight this time

If you love Sleep No More but hate the sinking feeling that Tom Cruise is behind one of those masks, it's high time you headed to the rooftop above the McKittrick Hotel to enjoy Gallow Green, the SNM peeps' new project that's less of a straight-up bar and slightly more of an event that doesn't star Blair Underwood as president

With numbers kept nice and regulated via a reservations-only policy, the darkened elevator ride up shouldn't be too crowded, nor should the potentially magic rooftop garden decked with a fire pit, Highline-esque railroad tracks complete with trellis, and seating in an old boxcar they somehow got up onto the roof, on which the servers will obviously be well-trained.

Punches courtesy of cocktail grandmaster David Wondrich include the Sleep Bowmore Punch w/ single malt, Madeira, demerara-orange shrub & nutmeg, while cocktails come with backstories on the menu, including the Blonde In Peril, which gets a tale about a chick probably about to be murder-killed in the shower, and also vodka, Lillet & a "pool of crimson port down by the drain" -- you damn wasteful Harvard undergrads! Drink your port

Food's on the way, and as things progress a bit more of SNM's trademark interactive themes will be introduced, involving things like, naturally, a girl walking around barefoot with a basket of seashells and walnuts... oh wait that's not a girl at all it's recently single Tom Cruise RUNNN!!!