Cocktail alchemy on 14th St

New York's original street gangs are an unlikely inspiration for a restaurant, being that they generally only serve cold dishes of revenge to the very Butchers they need if they ever want to eat something other than revenge. But they're fine inspiration for a bar, as proven by the brand-new Bishops + Barons

Named for two of the original gangs of New York, this EV venture from the guy behind The Gates (and consulted on by the Employees Only/Macao Trading Co dudes) looks like the kind of glitzy, opulent home said gang would very much like to rob, running away with oversized feather fans, vintage b&w photos, red velvet banquettes, and zebra striped rugs & chairs, because this is no place to go full blackout

The cocktails incorporate labor intensive house infusions, cordials, and the like, from absinthe bitters that blend two kinds of the spirit with three other bitters (to boost the anise fragrance), to a honey syrup that's simmered w/ orange peel & vanilla, to a chartreuse elixir made by soaking and boiling jalapeno wheels, putting all other hot wheels to shame

These alchemical ingredients are then used in everything from classics (El Presidentes, Hemingway Daiquiris, Martinez…es?) to twisted originals like the Alexandria (pisco, rosemary, fig), the Aperol/mandarin puree/vodka Short Shade (garnished w/ bison grass), and the EO fave Billionaire Cocktail, whose absinthe bitters and house grenadine shockingly aren't totally Trumped by overproof bourbon

Pulling it all together's a menu of top-notch bar snacks including grilled artichoke & lobster turnovers, garlic buttered prawns & gnudi, and, arriving with aged NY cheddar Irish fries, the "Five Points Burger", which just like DiCaprio will work its way into your good graces, then straight mess up your heart.