Burgers & bombs are ready to go Down the Hatch in the LES

If you've ever been bitten by the 13th Step or Down the Hatch -- or were just bitten by a patron while there -- the only cure is Hair of the Dog, the newest from the team behind those bastions of beer pong, who've blessed it with two segmentable pub-esque rooms (each with a bar and DJ), the requisite pong tables, and abundant opportunities to watch the Jets lose thanks to 25 flatscreens and three projectors

While drinks include 14 taps and a nice selection of canned suds, what'll really get you here is a shload of specials: half-off the whole bar Mon-Sat 'til 8p, plus $5 bombs on Thursdays, and if you bring in a coffee on Sundays, they'll spike it for half price, then likely get fined by Roger Goodell.