A three-story party

The most exciting club takeover since Judd Nelson whipped out a bag of kind, shoved it in Anthony Michael Hall's pants, then probably banged Molly Ringwold off camera, Inga -- named for parties once thrown in the back of White Slab Palace -- is Travis Bass & the Madame Wong's/Red Egg team's attempt to usher in the new heyday of NYC clubbing, taking over 141 Chrystie and filling up all three floors with beautiful people and the hooch that makes them appear even more so.The first floor's "darker and smokier" than before, filled with large paper orbs, swirling pink lights, leather banquettes, and a raised corner VIP area overlooking the DJ booth'd central dance floor for people who want to "meet in the middle" and "get crazy", a feature born from their belief that everyone "looks back fondly on the clubs where they actually danced". Except for college Swing Club. Loser!Meanwhile, only one flight up they're cutting loose with karaoke, dedicating the main space to public pipe expression, while intimate parties can abscond to rooms so private, you may "only hear about" some of them and their decor/song selection themes, from the dapper Rat Pack '50s, to graffiti'd, actual-packs-of-rats rock-n-roll.Rounding it all out, around mid-June they'll throw open the rooftop for DJ-fueled parties and real-deal BBQ's, which, unlike The Breakfast Club, will let your Bender last all day and all night.