International tacos on a rooftop

If you've ever looked up at an ornate, old-school rooftop and found yourself wondering "what's up there, and whatever it is, why am I not standing next to it, drinking?", then you're probably too big of a boozebag to afford purchasing the whole building and turning it into a hotel like Pod 39 did.Accessed through glass-enclosed elevators that allow you to peer in on your fellow rooftoopers ("so you better behave... or not"), a small antechamber's sunlit by black-paned windows, and looks like a room where super cool prep school miscreants would sneak whiskey from a Snapple bottle, but you won't need to thanks to its full bar.Step out onto the balcony and a dual-sided staircase will bring you down into a collegiate courtyard where ivy snakes its way up the surrounding brick columns and arches, and a few scattered tables allow you to rest tequila-centric cocktails from the nearby bar, as well as small bites from the ground-floor Mexi-fusion resto sporting everything from raw fish to pastrami "international tacos", far superior to Nationals tacos, which are all Adam Latrocheious.Of course, all of this can only be enjoyed if you manage to get past the first-floor attractions, from the aformentioned restaurant, to a Great Room with fully stocked bar and time sucks including pool & ping pong tables, guaranteeing that even non-boozebags can get totally served.