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LES-inspired food and drink on the...LES

When coming to a diverse neighborhood it's important to understand the groups that inhabit it, as America's already proven that not all of them will approve of getting bombed. Seamlessly sliding into the LES to help everyone get equally so: APL

Staying true to NYC's last "unadulterated" 'hood's disparate denizens (from Chinatown dwellers, to gritty artists to...teeth-gritting partygoers), APL's tunnel-like entrance leads to a sky-lit dining room reminiscent of a 3D abstract painting and filled with leather upholstery pulled from a '30s Bugatti, an illuminated glass "birdcage", and ceiling-draped bronze sneakers. From "fried pickles to caviar", the breadth of culinary influences are evident in dishes like herb-buttered roasted chicken, chowder-esque Clam Gratin w/ yuzu & ginger, and smokey ham croquettes with "Womanchego" -- apparently all of the man cheese has already decamped for the Jersey Shore. Aiming to invigorate classic flavors, the seriously innovative drink program includes 'tails like the Kraken-and-cola-fueled Bootstrap (w/ Carpa Antica, Black Strap bitters, and lime), bottle service with housemade mixers (cucumber & lime juice, etc.), and, in a first for NYC, liquors infused with wild flavors via a process known as nitrous fusion, a Fast way to make less-awesome bars Furious.

Check This Out: Because you're that awesome, APL's throwing a sneak peak Cinco de Mayo party for Thrillisters featuring drinks like the Mexican Handstand (Pacifico upside-down in a frozen marg) and the tequila-tastic Dirty Sanchez (Combier, lime, olive juice), DJ sets in the back room, and a special Mex menu rocking crab fritters, green apple guac, and soft tacos with everything from crunchy sea bass & roasted tomato, to Berkshire pork belly & pickled chili, all sure to have you dropping some bombs of your own.

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