Food & Drink

Booze & homemade soda on the LES

If the Lower East Side was high school, your class would have a lot more Europeans in it, and your favorite subject would be... Subject, a brick-laden cocktailery with high-top tables and a vintage Coke fountain they're using to pour their own homemade sodas

Said sodas are carefully worked up with various sweet ingredients on display at the bar, and include their takes on tonic and root beer as well as more esoteric choices like pistachio cola, which they're sure people will just go nuts for -- the very same people who will appreciate that joke way more after enjoying a beautifully simple cocktail that mixes it with George Dickel. Other 'tails include a toasted Sazerac with rye, rum, bitter toasted fennel syrup, and the "caramelized absinthe" you didn't know you were waiting for all these years

You can also grab a selection of small plates, sandos, and paninis, canned brews, and an ever-changing, step-up shot & beer special featuring choices like Tecate with a shooter comprised of bourbon, root beer syrup, bitters, and "emotional extract" that sounds amazing as long as -- after a couple -- it's not pouring out of you.