A cozy nightlife castle

Clubs are a lot like castles: they're ruled by the elite, they're heavily guarded, and if you go to the wrong one there's a good chance you'll end up standing near a few dudes who're covered in oil. For new, non-oily hotness that's styled after Shakespeare, check out The Elsinore

After two and a half years of searching for the ideal location, Elsinore's a booze-addled "mid-century English manor" from nightlife heavy-hitter Noel Ashman, who's giving select friends & family VIP membership to ensure the clientele reassembles the diaspora of NY's eclectic after-hours denizens, a group already represented in backing partners ranging from a hip-hop producer, to a Walking Dead actor, to a salon owner, who made the cut due to his extensive knowledge of quaffing and coiffing

Designed by Steve Lewis (Butter, Marquee, Aspen…), the intimate, neo-vintage digs're soaked in blue and red light by glowing pillars resembling "giant blue lightsabers" and a bar made of illuminated stained-glass windows, from copious coats of arms, to a giant wooden clock set permanently for Misfits to 1:38; there's also a slate fireplace surrounding a flatscreen playing videos of yule logs or motorcycle races, all linked to an outdoor area whose neon "Whiskey" sign used to hang above a bar in Queens, because if it hung out in that bar, there's no way it could get in this place

And for anyone not in the bottle-buying mood, the as-yet-unnamed house 'tails will include a mix of absinthe, vermouth, and Benedictine, a shaken Cointreau/jalapeno-infused tequila/agave number, and a ginger & vodka joint with orange and cinnamon, also how one might refer to tan jobs of the oily dudes around them when they end up in the wrong club.