A very sexy club inside Webster Hall

Named after exactly what you're hoping to get by going there (just like The Box, and, for people looking to be seduced by Christopher Walken, Continental), The Hanky Panky Club's accessed through a separate entrance and a back stairway at Webster Hall. What you'll get when you find the posh environs: regal velvet cushioned furniture, a fully operational private stage, a bar complete with ropes hanging from the ceiling for sexy dancers who you can see more of through here, and access to the balcony overlooking the Hall's main stage

Hoping to distinguish it from the boring normal club set in a concert venue, HPC's aforementioned sexy ladies will serve, bartend, dance, and fly above your head while doing all manner of aerial tricks, while the doorman will actually take your number and holler when they've got room, then call you on the phone once you don't show up after he just yells your name into the night

Cocktail names are appropriately sexually charged, including the Rock N Roll Mouthwash (champagne, Cointreau, cranberry, lime), the Slow Comfortable Screw (SoCo, vodka, OJ, and sloe gin to make it clever), and the pisco/ Tabasco/ pineapple/ cran Peruvian Spanking, plus they'll also happily service you with a bottle, although not quite like the dude at The Box.