A brewtacular new concept with Pop-ular food

Expanding on its club-tastic Meatpacking beginnings, Pop's bringing its upmarket fare to the beerier crowd with their new Pub venture, a relaxed rustic beervana that's ideal for catching a game, or sampling enough worldly brews that you mistakenly start to believe you have some yourself. The haps:

Space: Looking like a wealthy alcoholic's upstate rec barn, the spacious digs are flush with raw wood (floors, walls, chairs...) and dangling wrought iron wheels set with Edison bulbs, illuminating paintings of the 13 most wanted men during the 1939 World's Fair. Up front their signature order counter is cut into a dramatic red wall loaded with backlit text, while the rear's seemingly endless shelves of bottles are fronted by a bar that's built on top of a display fridge for cans, because who doesn't want to see 30 racks?

Drink: Wine and beer cocktails are with the program, but craft-y pours rule the day, from taps that flow with the likes of Coney Island Mermaid, Flying Dog in Heat Wheat, and PBR (all avail in boot-shaped liters), to bottles of Southampton Double White, Samuel Smith Russian Stout, and Brooklyn Black Ops, also necessary to sneak into sold out 10-piece Ozark jug band shows.

Food: While sticking to crowd-pleasers like their namesake burgers, tater tots, and popcorn shrimp, new wrinkles run from New England lobster rolls to breakfast service, sating cravings for bacon and egg brioche sammies , "sugar fried" doughnuts, and French toast sticks, great after a night spent battering your liver.