The W's new rock bar

Anniversaries are all about looking back and looking that special thing your lady friend lets you do only on your anniversary. Celebrating a 20th by keeping things fresh in a way all parties will enjoy: Lilium

Twenty years after opening their first spot (The Whiskey), the same group is burrowing underneath the W Hotel to offer a "fresh reinterpretation" of the original's "vintage rock n' roll" influences: a lair designed to resemble a cave of wild lilies with cascading metallic walls, and exuding "dark feminine energy, and brooding intimacy" ( who knew you could have so much fun inside a big ol' vagina!?). If you aren't looking to totally house, like, 10 vodka sodas, check out cocktails like the moonshine, vermouth, and bitters Blonde Manhattan, the Grassy Kroll (vodka, muddled ginger, lemongrass), and the raspberry syrup/egg white/lemon Gin Blossom, which the bartenders won't make until they Hear It From You. And to stand up to the hooch there's a focused eats menu featuring Bronx Bomber flatbread w/ buffalo mozz and pepperoni, Crispy Carpetbaggers (crispy oyster, beef carpaccio & truffled 'tatoes), and grilled lamb kebab w/ bleu cheese and honeycomb fondue, in case you aren't already buzzed enough from those 10 freaking vodka sodas, bro

They'll also hook you up with bottle service, with all the regulars backed by an impressive selection of browns that includes Van Winkle 20yr, Balvenie 12yr, to an 18yr from Kilbeggan, though if it's your anniversary, you shouldn't have to beg.