An Ave C cocktail bar named after the ideal woman

Not since Weird Science has a group of friends created such a seductive vision of femininity as manifested in Evelyn Drinkery, the new Alphabet City cocktail parlor that's named after the concept of a woman with "many layers" (hopefully the gum kind because that stuff is great), plus "an untamable spirit and an urge to seek out the new and interesting".The trio of cocktailing vets who hope said woman will "walk through the door" sure got the place ready for her: the front area teems with old-school NY touches like an American black walnut bar, exposed brick, and locally handmade benches, while the back room gets banquettes and cocktail waitresses; all's meant to invoke the "quirky nostalgia of Alphabet City", and indeed, even the most cynical guest would admit that the place would look fantastic on heroin. Libations break into four categories, the first three being Juleps, Collins, and Cocktails, which include the Stonerific w/ gin, cascade hop syrup, Stone IPA & mint; the Hoochie Coochie Mama w/ gin, rye, Cynar, sherry & Cajun bitters; and with gin, chartreuse, cardamom agave, and Peychaud's float, the Southeast Watchtower, which hopefully is exactly what you've been wanting All Along. The. No?Category four, naturally, is "Spirited Phosphates", essentially housemade sodas concocted using flavored syrups and "a quick punch" of phosphoric acid before being spiked into creations like the vino verde/ blanco tequila/ serrano agave/ pineapple/ radish Bone Dry, enough of which will delude you into thinking you're the seductive vision they've been waiting for.