A rooftop beer garden and brewery

Soon to be the quite literal crown jewel of Eataly, this rooftop brewery (brewftop? count it!) and beer garden on the market's 15th floor has brought in expectedly heavy hitters to put together a lineup of food and drink befitting what they claim is the "highest brewery in the states", an honor that previously probably belonged in Denver no matter how you choose to interpret it. Three things you can expect:

  1. With killer views of both the Empire State and Flatiron buildings, Bir's 8000sqft will be split between offerings which can be both covered (a sit-down dining area, a spacious bar) and not, with the centerpiece being an enormous copper brewing system that had to be hoisted onto the roof by crane, but probably not Niles, cause he's mad weak.
  2. Dozens of craft bottles and Italian/American drafts will be on hand, but the highlight'll be the trio of cask-drawn suds produced in the aforementioned copper tanks by a team that includes reps from Italy's Birra Baladin and Birra Del Borgo, schemed up in consultation with Dogfish Head. Flavors'll change seasonally, but the inaugural batches include a thyme-infused pale ale, and a summery wheat number w/ notes of coriander and peppercorns, fitting, as it may help you get your grind on.
  3. Because nobody does high-altitude eats better than the Italian Alps, Batali & co have strewn together regional platters of cheeses, sausages, and charcuterie, plus chowathons like a slow-braised pork shoulder w/ horseradish, fried shiitake mushrooms, and blood sausage, whose feud with crips sausage suggests it's made of beef.