A slideshow tour of Jay-Z's sporty makeover

When something gets a million dollar makeover, it's usually because somebody wants much larger breasts, and if ever there was a sports bar that could attract a busty lady or two, it's Jay-Z's newly gilded 40/40 Club.

With a stadium seating section now overlooking a tower of golden Champagne bottles and two 165", nine-panel TVs, the famed Club is back, and it's got everything from an arena-quality sound system, to banquette nooks lined with golden baseball bats, to a bar top that looks like it's made of frozen Goldschlager (spoiler alert: it isn't). The overhaul extends to the private rooms, now filled with earth-tone couches, iconic NY sports photos, and built-in iPod docks to hook up your own tunes, because the only Jets you're getting right now start with "Benny and the…". Jay's personal chef even got in on the remix, penning next-level bar eats like Southern fried shrimp, Baja tacos, and eight types of sliders, from BBQ pulled turkey, to "Executive Lobster", whose contract apparently lacked an escape claws.

So go ahead and take our pre-opening slideshow tour to behold all of the goodness -- we promise it's got everything but the original Blueprint.