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Meatpacking's newest dive club

When something has two distinct sides it's often hard to know how to approach it, unless one side is really steep or something, in which case, the flat way, obviously. Bringing its two sides together to make you feel like even the flat ground is uneven, GunBar

From a duo of nightlife vets with ties to Bagatelle and Buddha Bar, the concept behind this Meatpacking newcomer is to mix the "underground dive bar culture" of the LES with the "chic doses of elegance" typical of its hood, creating an atmosphere that will "mimic a game of Russian Roulette", mostly in that you're guaranteed to get shots in your face. The breakdown

The Meatpacking Side: If you're in the hood for premium 'tails and bottles, they'll hook you up at a slightly lower price point than their neighbors, from standard table service fare (including Dom Rose '98 Magnums), to signature mixed joints like the chocolate bitters-aided Chili Caipirinha, and the Henny, which mixes the titular spirit w/ cherry bitters & "Grand Marnier burning berries", which sadly isn't a smoking Halle, as she only hangs out with monster ballers

The LES Side: Pumping primarily rock tunes from the '70s-'90s on their freshly installed Funktion-One speaker system, the graffiti-covered space's reminiscent of a (somewhat) cleaned-up dive bar's basement, endowed with a corner DJ booth that can also stash a band, low-slung leather banquettes, and tables sporting mug shots of Hopper, Manson, Cobain, and McQueen, providing you inspiration to Getaway with someone else's wife

Should things spiral out of control, there's even a completely functional tattoo parlor where legendary inkster Michelle Myles'll be doing her thing until 4am, meaning there'll be plenty of time for her to figure out how to approach both of your distinct sides.

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