Yes, it's hidden behind an ATM

A wise man once said "the only thing better than a no-fee ATM is one that serves you cocktails and quesadillas", which is why you need to get to Cash Bar. The green-themed hideaway is only accessed through a door fronted by an out-of-order cash machine in an otherwise unassuming pub -- check out a photo right here so you don't look really stupid/criminal trying to get through a working one.Noting "you don't have to have a mustache to enter... but we like it", the team set the joint up with gilded mirrors, presidential portraits, dollar bill wallpaper, Victorian-ish couches overlooking 34th St, and -- in the center -- a plexiglass case with "a million dollars cash" in it, so it's definitely real and you should steal it. Since people with a million dollars just eat everything with their hands, the utensil-free menu includes quesadillas w/ Oaxaca cheese and 'shrooms, mac n' cheese "puffs", and fresh tilapia tacos with "south of the border slaw", which should provide some fireworks for your tastebuds, and possibly a really sketchy motel room. If you don't come to secret bars behind ATMs just for mac n' cheese puffs, you probably have a mustache, and will enjoy money-themed takes on classic dranks such as the Pound (gin/ lime/ cucumber/ ginger ale), in addition to "cocktails of choice from our past presidents" like the rum/ lime/ sugar JFK.You can also grab a quirktacular teapot filled with any cocktail on the menu, which they're calling "Drink With The First Lady", because a wise man once said "dude, Michelle Obama is mad cool, you should drink that teapot of booze with her".