Three floors of nostalgia

Whether it's a person or a career, resuscitating something usually involves three things: a little bit of luck, lots of perseverance, and a bathing suit bursting with disconcertingly huge knockers. Reviving itself and the '80s: The Culture Club.

After a 4yr hiatus, this multi-floored, mostly '80s (don't freak out, but one floor is '90s-themed) mega-club has been reborn by a pair of longtime nightlife vets, and, natch, Debbie Gibson, and's crammed with nostalgia-inducing elements because "everything about the '80s was over-the top", so bring on the backward-hatted arm wrestling!

The club's myriad rooms (and pending roof deck) will dizzy you with Haring-esque drawings on the ceiling, a light-up dance floor, and wall-sized photos of icons from Tina Turner, to MJ, to Cruise, plus kitsch from a DeLorean flying through a wall, to a giant Rubik's Cube hanging from the ceiling, to Pac Man stools, which are usually just a bunch of pellets...and maybe like three pieces of fruit.

To make it all seem less weird, the drinks're potent and fittingly fruit-forward, like the energy drink & vodka Top Gun, the blue Smurf-arita, and a vodka/triple sec/cran number made with Tab called the Back to the Future, fueling your delusions of looking McFly.

Each floor will have its own DJs spinning hits from you-know-when, and you can even expect the occasional special performance from stars of the decade, hopefully not including the Hoff, as then you're going to need a little bit of luck, a lot of perseverance, and at least two cheeseburgers if you expect to eat any yourself.