Uptown cocktails... are now good!

Giving you a reason to head to the UES other than scamming on chicks who just graduated from Trinity, the renowned and well-traveled vets behind JBird are opening a second branch, bringing eats into the equation and creating a drink bistro (dristo?) vibe via marble two-tops, distressed windows, leather banquettes, and walls ranging from exposed brick to purple paint so "rich", you'll feel like a Prince

Tipples are dominated by fresh takes on centuries-old standbys, from a rye Manhattan touched up with chamomile grappa and elderflower bitters, to Old Fashioneds like the gin/kaffir lime/celery bitters Thornybush, and the anejo/cherry bark & vanilla bitters/sage-infused agave/mezcal Brush of the Bush, as lots of bush is very old fashioned

Putting the same dedication into the food, everything from bacon to butter's made on site, with peckish nibbles including roasted marrow w/ sweet & sour cipollini and 'shrooms, and quail egg-topped sliders filled with pork shoulder braised in cider (sorry, not available as a full sandwich, House Rules)

Real-deal dinner, meanwhile, includes a "nine spice" lamb chop w/ saffron & fregola, salmon a la plancha w/ lemon-thyme beurre blanc, and Parm-aided heirloom polenta from the Finger Lakes, which is sure to get your appetite super wet

What's more, come spring they're planning to start a garden out back for growing spices & herbs, sure to be a hit with those Camp Trin Trin chicks, as spending four years surrounded by herbs is exactly why they're so easy to scam on.