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Shots, shots, shots, shots shots shots... and food

Published On 01/19/2012 Published On 01/19/2012

Despite the fact that you most likely don't go on Spring Break anymore, and almost definitely aren't Sammy Hagar, dedicating a night to tequila can still be fun, especially if it's at a colorfully muraled country tavern from Top Chef All Star Angelo Sosa, which is exactly what's happening at Anejo Tequileria y Restaurante

The sweet, fermented agave comes in single glasses, flights, or carafes (sided by citrus, spiced salt, and sangrita), with a menu broken down into styles including blanco (Tanteo, Milagro Select...) and extra anejo (Casa Dragones, Gran Patron Burdeos, etc.), plus variants from mezcal to sotol: a Northern Mexican version made from a plant known as "The Desert Spoon", because when it's that dry, what else are you gonna do? But if straight-up ain't your thing, don't worry muchacho, 'cause their slew of 'tails includes the Blood & Smoke (Ilegal mezcal, Cherry Heering, sherry, blood orange), the Mole Noche (cocoa tequila, corn whiskey, Averna, arbol chile, chocolate bitters), and the blanco/lime/mole bitters/pomegranate Mexican Firing Squad, so looks like you're taking shots one way or the other

And because the guy's a Top Chef and all, Angelo's complementing the drinking with cornbread laden w/ Oaxacan string cheese & jalapenos, corn-husk- and banana leaf-steamed tamales, and tacos ranging from pork w/ pineapple & cilantro to shrooms w/ queso anejo & smoked mayo, exactly the kind of food that, if you do go on Spring Break, will keep anyone from sleeping with you... even Sammy Hagar!

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1. AƱejo 668 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036 (Hells Kitchen)

Offered in single glasses, flights, and carafes, Anejo's tequila is about five quality notches up from your college-era variant. You can pick from styles including blanco extra anejo, and sotol, a Northern Mexican version made from a plant known as "The Desert Spoon." Tapas like short rib tacos and a much-hailed guacamole trio, plus larger plates, like the signature octopus dish, served with black bread, chorizo cream, and squash confit, more than adequately sate all tequila-induced appetites.



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