A craft beer market for the masses

In many ways, the stock market is similar to a night out: one minute you're soaring on eagle's wings, and the next you think you've hit rock bottom, only to end up trying to save yourself with an old Buffett. For a brew bar modeling itself on the free market: New York Beer Company

Started by the craft brew masters behind Hell's Kitchen spot House of Brews, this massive beer hall has outfitted some of the communal tables with their own taps, and reps NY's suds scene via a massive map highlighting every NY brewery, a classic pillared bar back-lit by a glowing Manhattan skyline, and a running ticker scrolling everything from sports scores, to the current prices of their "Beer Market", which'll probably leave you broker. Aside from fluctuating prices based on crowd demand (more drinkers = higher prices), other tricks include a "Futures and Options" program allowing you to redeem ales purchased early in the day at a lower cost, as well as price-resetting "Market Crashes", which should be only slightly less crazed and besotted than real ones. The killer list spans 40 taps and 50 bottles and focuses largely on lesser-known in-staters such as Bronx Brewery's Pale Ale, Lake Placid's Ubu Ale, Jonas Bronck's Pelham Bay IPA, and Empire Cream, also a smash hit by Obi Raekwon Kenobi

Rounding things out's locally inspired grub from a former Spago chef, who's including his signature Burger Melt (Parm-crusted bread/roasted tomato/Creole mustard) and prosciutto pizza topped with fresh basil and two fried eggs, which is what your brain looks like after a night out, or on bundled mortgages.