A rooftop getaway in Midtown

If the only reason you head to Broadway is the pulsating music and lithe hotbodies sensually dancing on stage at CheetahsJersey Boys, then you'll be glad to know that you can escape the post-show crowd for at least the One Season (Summer, that is), at Haven. Tucked away atop the Sanctuary Hotel, here you'll find turf lining the ground and walls, plush crescent booths, a canopied pergola, and cedar furniture & boarding that give off the faint whiff of an open air sauna, ironic considering it's the people baking in the streets below who're really getting steamed

If you aren't feeling a booth, grab a seat at the 14ft communal table and prepare to loosen up with signature cocktails like the Haven Mojito (kicked up with a touch of St. Germain), and the tequila/ blueberry/ raspberry/ mint/ ginger beer topper Eclipse, ideally enjoyed around Twilight, as it has a little bite, but is ultimately fruity

Also present and accounted for are a lineup of standard Summery suds, a baker's dozen of vinos & sparkling wines by the glass, baller bottles of Cristal, and sustenance-giving small plates, though once they settle in they're hoping to ramp up to full-on breakfast/brunch/dinner service with a particular focus on power lunches, something many real Jersey boys exclusively do at Cheetahs.