A hammocky beer paradise

The closing of Water Taxi Beach left Manhattan residents few proximate options for beachy fun, meaning anyone who wanted to play in the sand would likely just be told to go pound some. Thankfully, Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club has moved into WT's shuttered Seaport spot, and's fleshing out a beach-meets-beer-garden concept via a number of distinct, Voltron-esque components, none of which are hopefully the whiny green lion dude. Expect the unexpected, or see below:

  • 6000sqft of beach area with the same awesome BK Bridge views, but seating options expanded to include chaises, hammocks, and "glowing" lounge chairs, so you won't be the only thing on them that's bulb-ous
  • Foosball, ping-pong, two outdoor pool tables, and even one of those hilarious life-size chess sets
  • Pretzel-bunned German brats and spicy cheddarwursts to complement La Frieda burgers, lobster/crab rolls, and fish & chips, also the name of a failed pilot where Dan Marino and Erik Estrada went deep...on crime!
  • Plentiful craft brews, wine, and cocktails slung from two mammoth bars made of driftwood, though the waves here will hopefully just catch the bartender's attention
  • A beach-adjacent stage for live music, including a free indie rock series on Sunday afternoons

For private parties, the joint can be partitioned to three separate spaces with different entrances, and the whole shebang'll be running until 3a, a time of night at which most people will pound just about anything.