A distillery and tasting room in Brooklyn

Named for what the "dries" (currently known as "d*cks") called Prohibition, The Noble Experiment's a one-woman tasting room and stillhouse in Bushwick hoping to bring small batch distilling back to NYC -- luckily they've got sexy tufted metal tanks and piping, and are using plenty of locally sourced ingredients to lend each batch an inherently NY flavor.You can be an inherently NY drinker in their handsome tasting room decked with old-school floor-to-ceiling windows, a bar loaded with mad Zima their product, and a mish-mash of antiquey things to sit on.They've got plans for barrel-aged numbers, whiskeys, and more, but to kick things off they're working with Owney's NYC Rum, a very smooth, dry, white rum that's meant for sipping, and is their first effort to bring "native rum" back to NYC, which has been a challenge ever since the Brits passed that damn Molasses Act of 1733, which limited rum production and forced a shift to bourbon, something that has led to all sorts of ignoble experiments.Photo Credit: Paul Wagtouicz