A ridiculous selection of beers in a retrofitted brewery

It'd actually be pretty sweet to get trapped in The Well, Bushwick's new 16000sqft beer hall/garden that's taken over a portion of the old Otto Huber/ Hittleman/ Edelberg brewery (they're actually hoping to install their own functioning one by the end of the year), which now looks like a mix between the place Thor would go to happy hour and the raw industrial wreckage of old-school Brooklyn.60 lines and two casks pour an impressively rangy list that spans from 11% Nøgne Ø Sunturnbrew (it's really gøød!), to Capt Lawrence Liquid Gold, to the masterpiece that is Barrier Rembrandt Porter, in addition to 250-ish bottles including 22ozers of Britain's Coniston Bluebird Bitter, Femme Fatale IPA from Evil Twin, and the beer that somehow managed to make hefeweizens hardcore, Lightning Thunderweizen. A huge outdoor area rife with picnic tables and strings of lights is home to their BBQ stand, from which you can grab fire-grilled s'mores, a special tri-fromage grilled cheese with pickled 'penos, or an applewood bacon-wrapped, nacho cheese-topped LA Street Dog, although it's currently considering becoming a Rastafarian and changing its name to LA Street Lion.Other stuff to expect: joint events with next-door music venue The Wick (coming in November), whole pig smokeouts, and -- because Canadians are becoming a bigger threat than sentient robots to take over the world -- outdoor curling, which previously was restricted to the ends of mustaches in Bushwick.