A bar in a distillery

In this consumer society, you typically enjoy things far from where they were created, which can lead to a certain disconnect, though you probably wouldn't enjoy having little Bobby around Flashdancers anyways. At least you can enjoy some hooch right where it's made, thanks to The Shanty at New York Distilling Co

With a team that includes a Brooklyn Brewery co-founder, a Manhattan Cocktail Classic board member who's one of "the nation's leading experts on distilled spirits and cocktails", and a Pegu Club 'tender, the brick-walled Shanty classes up consumption via a large white-oak-and-steel bar, an antique still, and a window overlooking the fully operational distillery's "beautiful, brand-new Christian CARL still", weird, because that sweatpants-loving dude seems way more into Jersey than Jesus. That distillery currently produces two gins: Perry's Tot Navy Strength, whose 57% ABV is the proof at which gunpowder could still fire "should it be soaked by spilled spirit", and the robustly botanical'd Dorothy Parker American, an homage to a woman they view as the ideal drinking companion, so apparently they dig drinking alone in a hotel with a tiny dog. In addition to 'tails made from their own spirits (The Opera: Perry's Tot, Dubonnet Rouge, maraschino liqueur, orange bitters), the full bar will be loaded with American whiskeys to be used in the likes of the triple sec & Madeira "Rye Cove", right at home on the rocks

Eventually there'll also be tours of the space, and new liquors including Old Tom-style gin, and an American rye they're currently waiting to "appropriately age", so, much like little Bobby, it has some maturing to do before it's ready to MAAAKE SOME NOOOIIISSSE!