A massive garden of beer and bocce

Move over gun owners and grossly sick cats, because Ted Nugent is indirectly doing something for hop heads at Greenwood Park, a beer garden brought to you by The Motor City Madman's long-lost son, who turned a 13000sqft former auto repair shop into a rustic urban oasis fenced in by wooden pallets, as hard rocks would've been too obvious.Since this is an American beer garden, it friggin' rules, and'll be filling pitchers, not steins, from a menu of suds that's split between NY-born offerings (Clinton's Empire Amber Ale, Blue Point RastafaRye...) and those birthed "Elsewhere", from Germany's Radeberger, to Goose Island Summertime, which they hope'll keep drinkers from migrating.The food is equally non-Teutonic, with a freestanding BBQ pit awaiting the occasional pig roast, and a menu sporting refreshing watermelon salads, garlic-mayo-topped sausage & peppers sandwiches, and three kinds of wings: Bourbon BBQ, Honey Sriracha, and Buffalo that's all about the kick, but it's goooood.And because all of your friends are tired of losing to you in beer drinking & sausage eating contests, sate your competitive nature on one of their three boxed-in bocce courts, a game that even The 'Nuge would agree is perfect for Weekend Warriors.