A Top Chef wants to feed you in a roadhouse

With walls covered in stuffed boars' heads, old-school booze paraphernalia/ads, and pics of Brooklyn's finest from Koufax to, more importantly, Streisand, this no-frills, pool tabled bar's bar (with a serious food menu) somehow came up with the name Pork Slope before anyone else. From the team behind neighborhood fave Talde, it was inspired by old-school down 'n dirty bars including a throat-ripping dose of Patrick Swayze's opus to being nice (Saturday would've been his 60th birthday, so give him the gift of checking out our Road House-inspired food photo gallery

BBQ-centric fare (fried chicken, brisket...) gets next-leveled by Top Chef-fer Dale Talde, while drinks include top-notch whisk(e)ys, a slew of canned and tapped brews (Deviant Dale's, Gubna, Albino Python), cocktails like the Capone (essentially a negroni w/ rye instead of gin), and a shot & beer special involving whatever they have too much of -- which, for Swayze, was hair, understated swagger, and definitely not shirts.