More sweet music from the en Dumbo crew

The key to a successful spinoff is maintaining a certain sense of familiarity while providing enough new twists to keep things fresh. And also, Dr. Niles Crane. That guy's even dryer! For a spinoff featuring the everyman's psychiatrist (his bartender!), check out Salon Hecho.

Setting up next to its ironically not-in-Dumbo progenitor, SH is a combo "urban Mexican cantina" and performance space (showcasing both US and Mexican bands), imbued with the "broader aim" of cultivating a scene that "celebrates aspects of Mexican culture seldom represented in the US", though the only donkey show will be you after too many drinks.

Tequila and mezcal take center stage in cocktails including the Margarita Tamarindo (housemade tamarind juice, cane sugar, spicy Chile Piquin rim), the mezcal & gin Esmerelda w/ muddled cucumber and basil leaf, and, sporting infused serrano tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, and St. Germain, the Pantera Rosa, which despite its name isn't 101 Proof.

They're also going to specialize in Curados, "traditional cured mezcals" served in old medicine glass bottles ("boticas") that will include a gin-like juniper berry job, an anise-y avocado leaf joint, and the Pimienta Gorda infused with allspice, which you haven't experienced since 8th grade between the hours of 1-3am.

For fortification you can expect simple eats like tostadas topped with pickled Berkshire pig feet, cheeses including housemade cow's milk queso Oaxaca, and even Mangalitsa ham cured in Spain for two years, though Dr. Crane could've totally cured it in one. That guy's smart!