All your beer needs

There are only two things that can make shopping enjoyable for a man: drinking, and not shopping. Giving you both of those is One Stop Beer Shop, which has refurbished its surroundings in the spirit of the building's original "1920s aesthetic" (reclaimed brick, a Mason jar/Edison bulb chandelier…), and's giving suds shoppers the option to start boozing on the spot, easily accomplished thanks to communal seating and a "unique space" that "maximizes easy access to the over 100 beers" (better be a fridge right next to that communal seating!). Here's how it breaks down.

Beer Cocktails: There'll be a serious focus on ale-y concoctions like the Winter Punch (ale, brandy sherry, cloves, cinnamon), the Where Is My Mind (Pilsner, bitters, Cynar, orange liqueur), and the Captain Lawrence, Original Moonshine, Drambuie & blueberries Clandestine Moon, impossible to pull off after having a few.

Growlers: Whether you pick up or order for delivery, their 64oz custom-made jugs are filled in a manner unlike that at most growler joints, by being placed in eye-catching, glowing glass tubes that seal in the carbonation for a shelf life of at least a month. The contents are the same delicious offerings that're on tap, e.g., Dogfish Head 60min IPA, Arrogant Bastard Smoked Porter, and Duvel Single, which is amazing considering it always brings a nice bouquet, and the chicks who hang out around it are drinking high ABV beer.

Bottles: They've got a ridiculous list including suds both local (Brooklyn Sorachi, Coney Island Mermaid...), and international, from Chimay Red & Blue, to Lefebvre Hopus, which'll be gone in a blink-182 of an eye.

And for those who for some reason don't want to get sauced, they're also tapping some Kombucha, another thing that, like shopping, is only enjoyable to most men when combined with booze, or not present at all.