A big-ass building packed with booze, beef, and breasts

Conjuring up the nostalgia of the '20s -- a time when men were men, and Babe Ruth was only one-and-a-half men -- the Diving Horse is a 55000sqft Atlantic City compound housing a cabaret, steakhouse, and an inn/ couples retreat in the former Club Tru and Studio Six digs, though everything's been rehabbed to reflect a pre-gaming AC atmosphere and the "nostalgic glamour that saturated the acts along the boardwalk". The fun

Cabaret: Deco'd like clubs of yore with vintage valances on wood walls and a pressed tin ceiling, the cabaret's showcasing 50+ performers engaging in all manners of stripteases and burlesque across three stages, including a main one rigged with a 20ft pole plus private rooms where couples can entertain one another...though probably not as well as the professional stripper working a 20ft pole

Steakhouse: Wrapped in leather booths and situated on a windowed balcony overlooking the cabaret, the meat haven offers starters like beef carpaccio to go along with stout entrees including a crab cake sandwich, falafel-encrusted salmon with orange marmalade, and prime cuts like a 20oz Cowboy, also what you call Nate Newton when he's running low on weed

Sonora Bar: Named for the chick who jumped horses off diving boards in that Disney movie, and tucked behind the main cabaret stage, Sonora's illuminated by lighting hidden in a suspended brass horse and offers coy cocktails like the vodka/ olive juice Fluffer and the cucumber vodka/ lemon/ agave Menage-A-Trois finished with muddled strawberries, who never would've gotten involved had they not been so messed up.

Inn and Couples Retreat: You walk into a full-service bar upon check-in, and nearly every room overlooks the enclosed pool and sundeck, while the main balcony's also got a canopy bar and hot tubs, where hopefully the 1920s Jazz is the only thing that's Aged.