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It's high time awesome beer you never heard of appeared at your doorstep

Published On 02/09/2012 Published On 02/09/2012

Are you sick and tired of drinking Red Dog every night? No, of course you’re not, that would be crazy, but you DO have to go to the store to get it, and it might also very well be from 1996. Here to solve all those problems: Beerjobber, a just-launched service that’ll arrange for you to be shipped incredibly fresh craft beers directly from 30+ breweries.

Just hit Jobber’s site to tell it your beer likes/dislikes, then allow technical wizardry (informed by exhaustive legal research) to match your choices to what you can be sent, as different states have different laws. Then, peruse reviews and all sorts of flavor profile info before ordering your selection or saving it to your wish list, at which point the lack of an “Infinity More Wishes Imperial Stout” will become an even worse problem than you could’ve possibly imagined.

Among the delicious, not-to-be-found-in-Philly beers that’ll be shipped in special break-preventing cases are Dry Dock Brewing Urca Porter (brewed with vanilla from Tahiti and Madagascar!) from Aurora, CO; Pittsburg-of-Cali's Heretic Brewing Evil Twin blood red ale; and an amber ale from Seattle’s Hilliard’s, which has a super-low 15-barrel brewing capacity, and packages its wares in tallboy cans, or what RuPaul calls “my breasts”.

While it’s not open to the public yet, Beerjobber will gladly allow Thrillist readers in with code THRILLIST2012, and once your suds are shipped, you just have to be sure you’re home so the delivery guy can card you, then wish you good luck on winning Red Dog's contest to "Be An Extra On The Set of Down Periscope Starring Kelsey Grammer".



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