Draught wines and Croque Madames

Because nobody’s ever gotten along better than the French and the British, the London Grill gang just opened up Paris Wine Bistro next door, which’s connected to the original joint via a “chunnel”, and is pouring a rotation of draught-style, Pennsy-sourced wines in a dining room with pressed tin and traditional damask that replicates a French "muntin", or, "bar in a window", though to be fair, jails also do a pretty good job with that

The Wine: It's the only spot in the state doing freshness-guaranteed, keg-poured wines, which to start include a fruit-noted Syrah from Kutztown's Pinnacle Ridge, a Gruner Veltliner from Andreas's Gallen Glen made using locally grown Austrian grapes (similar climates!), and an uber-complex 2010 Merlot from Manatawny Creek, which will inspire you to beat the crap out of Chuck Finley in a shallow body of running water

The Food: The shared kitchen now also focuses on French bites designed with the wines in mind, including mustard-crusted calf's liver w/ smoked bacon-onion marmalade, a super-thick slice of hangover-helping, bacon-stuffed Quiche Lorraine, a gigantic Croque Madame, and their nightly chef's choice charcuterie served on a Lazy Susan, or what British people call “literally any French chick named Susan”.