Food & Drink

You're welcome

The Made In America Fest is this weekend, and while they do encourage you to bring sunscreen and non-professional cameras and pashminas your friends like, totally got on a trip to Bangladesh, they ain't letting you in with outside drinks, and concert beer is really expensive. What to do?

What if -- and hang on for the full explanation -- you found places selling three beers for the price of one concert brew and smuggled them through security in your stomach? A cunning plan, and fortunately for you, the research's already done on six spots right near the fest entrance that'll let you pre-game on the cheap

Cooler still, the whole thing's on a super-sexy printable map laid out with a handy legend that'll tell you about all the important bar-stuffs (Grilled cheese menu! Beer towers! You can smoke!), so hit the link below and CTRL+P your way to a money-saving, party-ensuring map that'll come in handy when your phone inevitably dies... or your friends die when they hear your pashmina is like, totally from Bangladesh!!