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Bands & brews land just outside Northeast

It's a well-worn French proverb, "If you want something done right, do it yourself", nearly as famous as similarly noteworthy Franco-phrases "Never look a gift horse in the mouth", and "Of course we surrender, we're French". From a handful of musicians who wanted a cool music venue done right, so they did it themselves: Steam, opening by Wed.This restaurant-cum-bar-cum-rock-hall's a woodshop/diner car hybrid that narrowly seats 100+ folks at a Chris-long wooden bar, where they'll serve 20 drafts with a handful of awesome, rarely-seen-on-tap jawns (Young's Chocolate Stout, Chimay's Belgian Double...), and a 100-bottle catalog chock-full of everything from Magic Hat's Circus Boy to Pilsner Urquell -- though have too many and you'll totally kill your chances with Laura Winslow. On the booze front, they've got cocktail classics, tweaked cocktail classics (mmm... bacon bourbon Manhattan), signature soon-to-be-classics (try the English Tea: Pimm's #1, Beefeater & lemon juice), and sangria made with a secret recipe from "Pop Pop", or if you're a West Coaster, "Soda Soda".Cooler still: they've also got a killer menu of pub standards (beer-battered fish 'n chips), plus more adventurous eats like the sweet & spicy Firecracker Salmon, a dish so hot you might need to wave your own white flag.