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Want to hear the crazy stories behind these incredibly good new drinks?

Super-lauded Center City cocktailery Franklin Mortgage is letting every one of its bartenders put their very own cocktails on the menu, resulting in a seven-page Fall list filled with drinks filled with interesting adds like lemon-thyme shrub, whole eggs, mulled wine syrup, and somehow... butter. Three drinks you can bank on tonight, plus the totally cool/crazy stories from the bartenders behind them:Christina Rando's Fevre Dream: "This drink reminds me of Thanksgiving: cranberry bitters, absinthe, apple mango chamomile tea syrup... it really kind of warms you up even though it's a swizzle-style drink. Oh and the name comes from a 1982 vampire novel by [Game of Thrones dude/ middle-name badass] George RR Martin."Sara Arnent's Witch Hunt: "I grew up in the country, in Lancaster County, and my favorite part … of Fall activities … was the caramel apples. So this is bonded apple brandy, Angel's Share bourbon, rum, homemade caramel syrup, and a hunk of salted butter, with the addition of steamed milk. As for the name, the idea of a witch hunt sociologically speaking is somewhat amusing to me, if you look at witch hunts throughout history, they were attacks on outspoken women, which seems appropriate for [election season]." Aka: exactly what we were thinking.Al Sotack's Art School Timeline: "I wanted to do an Old Fashioned with madiera wine and hot grapefruit bitters, and what sets the drink apart is it's a big, fatty, round, big-bodied delicious [editor's note: that's what she said]. As for the name, I was behind on a couple different things at work, and was stressed. More than half our staff went to art school at one time or another, and [one of the other bartenders] Colin said 'don't worry about it, they're on an art school timeline. They're used to it'."