Food & Drink

This place has 400 different bottles and cans of beer

From three Andrew Bro-nums, Bottle Bar East's a two-story beer-mart-cum-bar-cum-gastropub-cum-game-room that looks like a cross between the factory in Rudy... Ruuuudy... RUUUUDY... RUUUUUUUDY... and the ultimate beer bodega, with steel girders and exposed pipes right alongside 15 fully stocked fridges

If you want to drink there... sit at the bar, sillyhead! It's copper-topped and made from salvaged church pews (they've even got beer lists in the old Bible holders), has eight taps with handles made from old railway spikes, plus there's a 10' HD projector, mezzanine darts/foos, and eats from an ex-Farmer's Cabinet cook (try the Fishtown Rarebit: extra sharp cheddar melted into Yards Love Stout and poured over breadsticks)

If you want to drink somewhere else... this is where you should go first, sillyhead! They've got 400+ bottles and cans, and the bottle shop itself's manned by ex-Standard Tap and -Yards beer geeks. They'll recommend everything from import stouts made in some Belgian dude's home garage (Extra Export De Dolle), to the preferred drink of 19th-century European horse carriage coachman (Kwak) -- just check the alcohol content as some of them're pretty high and could lead to you exposing your pipe.