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So much whiskey, goldfish mac, and boozed-up beef in Fishtown

Named after the owner-dude's bourbon & High Life-loving pop, Lloyd's a Fishtown cocktail den set up in the old Hot Potato Cafe, and modeled after memories of the dude's childhood living room, which must've been stocked with vintage wallpaper, church pews, a deer's head, a 12-seat, tincture-topped polished wood bar, a deviled egg deep fryer, and lots and lots of whiskey. Here's a peek

The Booze: The head honcho worked in NYC's long-standing Whiskey Ward, so expect him to prescribe classic and creative 'tails shaken with house-infused ginger, herbal, and/or honey syrups, plus 70 reasonably priced neat-able browns with eight local chasers on tap (Sixpoint Righteous, Dock St Porter), and another 15 by the bottle

The Bites: The kitchen's manned by an ex-Harvest chef who's cooking up cross-generational comforts like those fried devileds, battered green tomatoes, stout & bourbon beef stew, a melted Muenster house blend burger, and Goldfish-crusted mac 'n cheese, aka what you'll be ordering after living the High Life a little more literally than pops.