Food & Drink

Finally, a political race you can stomach. And swallow.

How much more fun would politics be if you were voting for hamburgers instead of old white people? Find out tomorrow night at Vintage, when $10 lands you a trio of never-before-seen (except right here) sliders, one of which you can nominate to be their next signature burger.And to make sure nothing influences the vote beyond taste, they'll be imposing strict burger campaign financing regulations keeping what's in the slider trio a total secret from everyone (except a certain, super handsome email newsletter that totally knows they're going to be using bacon fat mayo in one, a mountain of ham in another, and onion pickled onion in a third).Oh, and because any election's more fun with booze (and people who dismiss facts by using disdain for math), they'll also be doing drink specials like discounted wine flights and $4 champagne pours -- the reverse of political conventions, where you wish everyone would just put a cork in it.