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Rittenhouse gets a cocktail bar AND a living room

Because according to a recent study conducted by the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, cocktails are "super fantastic!", see if you agree at 1 Tippling Place, now open in Rittenhouse

The project of an ex-part-time real estate agent/full-time partier and a Ranstead alum, this living-room-comfortable cocktail bar sports fixtures pulled from auction houses and the owner's bathroom alike. There's a long wooden bar in the rear with swiveling, leather-backed stools from a 1980s rumpus room, while the front's hosting a barrage of sofas ranging from tufted leather jobs to a mid-century Windsor, though you might (k)not want to sit there. Or maybe you do. You're so unpredictable! The tipple list's 23-strong and includes the always-available Fish House Punch (rum, brandy, maraschino liqueur, champagne), the Chocolate Rum Old Fashioned (w/ 7yr-aged Florida sugar cane booze & chocolate bitters), and the tequila sangria-like Totally Partying And Taking Care of Business, so just ask for the thing that's like tequila sangria. Cooler still, there's a sextet of barrel-aged 'tails in the works, including top-shelf takes on martinis, Negronis & Manhattans that they'll let mature for 60 days, then ask them if they still want to play the game where you take turns shouting "Penis!" progressively louder

Oh, and there're bar nibbles too, ranging from bacon-wrapped dates to honey-chipotle pecans that are soaked in bitters and, according to an even recenter study from the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, "so freaking good, dude".