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Deep-fried cheese plates and pretzel 'tails on Commerce Square

If there's one thing every Center City gourmet market needs, it's, like, a lot more kale. But if there's a second, way-less-important-than-more-kale thing, it's a bar. To wit: The Bar at Pagano's Market.Walk past the 50yr-old Italian market's pizza ovens and massive salad station you always "mistake" for a toppings bar...... and stop when you see this.Or the 20-seat wraparound bar right next to that, which's surrounded by five flatscreens sporting ESPNews 2 Classic U Deportes on ABC from 11a 'til 9p week-nightly."I love you.......r drink-making ability".They've got 10 $9 'tails, including a salt-rimmed Philly Pretzel martini, a Sicilian wine and Coke sangria, and an always-smells-like-Scotch Godfather that'll take you to the mattresses.Plus: bar snacks like this fried cheese sampler of Cabot cheddar wedges, mozzarella sticks, and fresh bocconcini balls with tomato dip.They'll also do nine fries-paired sandwiches stuffed in breads like a poppy seed onion brioche, like this pepper-jack-and-onion-drizzle-topped flank steak.Oh, and there's a 20'x17' projection screen right outside, in case you like watching sports on something with a little more skale.