Beer cocktails at downtown's destination sports bar

The world is full of different "zones", from tow zones where you can't park, to the Danger Zone, apparently a highway-fed place where a bunch of oiled up dudes kinda suck at volleyball, but who cares when they're high-fiving like that! For a sports bar named for a zone where a bunch of scoring happens, get to the Danger Zone! Red Zone Old City

RZOC's the latest project from the consultants behind just-launched The Legendary Dobbs, ripping the cubism and curry out of the old Cafe Spice but "leaving the poshness" while slinging up-spec'd variations of sports bar staples and cocktails, and packing the insides with nearly 40 flatscreens and super-plush booths perfect for game watching, although why they'd have 106 & Park on in a sports bar is another question. Food goes down by super-posh "quarters": first-q apps like the Golden Garden (onion rings, fried asparagus spears, jalapeno corn nuggets); second quarter finger foods including cheesesteak nachos topped in rib eye and Wiz; third quarter burgers/pressed sammies; and fourth quarter mains like a full-pound NY strip or a panko-crusted, meat-enhanced Red Zone Mac, also the sequel to Mac & Me, after Old Spice really stepped up their product placement. Drinks bring draft and bottled beers, beer-based Special Teams cocktails like the Guinness/ Korbel "Black Velvet", and punch "bowls" like the Hendrick's/ Triple Sec/ Cardamom simple syrup "Rose Bowl" or the 1800 Silver/ Grand Marnier/ lime/ OJ "Fiesta Bowl", which really goes perfectly with Tostitos...wait, it doesn't? You mean that was all just completely brilliant marketing?!

They'll be blessing you with daily food/drink specials, and launch day'll see $3 SoCo/ lime shots and $4 Four Olives cocktails, plus there'll be a DJ spinning (Mac-based) wax every Sat, turning Red Zone into the bumpinest-grindinest zone of all that doesn't involve Tom Cruise playing sports in jeans and Anthony Edwards being terrified to take his shirt off.

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