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Your new favorite Delaware-adjacent beer garden

Opening tomorrow in the shadow of the Ben Franklin, Morgan's Pier -- named for the first guy to cross the bridge/get fired for crossing the bridge -- is Philly's newest/greatest beer garden, an inside-out man cave with a twin-peaked beer tent, picnic table booths, and all sorts of greens (soooo... Pacific, North Carolina, AND Pennsylvania Aves?)

Tent beers'll alternate in fortnight shifts (launch suds include Sixpoint The Crisp, Victory Summer Love & Fegley Blueberry Belch) and be available across two bars' worth of taps, along with aluminum jobs like Butternuts Moo Thunder Stout, 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon, and Sixpoint Sweet Action, which you're totally getting when she finds out you own Pacific, North Carolina, AND Pennsylvania Aves. The menu's created by Meme's chef Katz, and filled with cheezburgers… wait, no… filled with corn & blue crab fritters, pineapple-ancho wings, and the awesomely vague "snack bacon", plus heartier bun-meat-bun combos (grilled pork & ramp sausage), and "American Tacos", which're stuffed with Southern fried chicken & "hot sauce", also what Jack Johnson says whenever G Love and the Special's all "Yo double-J, how you like your air balloons?"

Oh, and Little Baby's Ice Cream's trike'll be on site too, conveniently parked on-premise and full of stuff to keep you cool, assuming you're willing to take a Community Chest Chance.