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Opa adds a suds nursery

Because the installation of a deer garden would've been totally silly, the folks at Opa went the far-less-ridiculous route of installing a steer one... no, wait... a beer one (there it is!) with Drury Beer Garden, now open in Midtown Village.Set up in a just-opened, back-alley space, DBG's outfitted with a bar crafted from an old, converted dresser, mix 'n match seating around spool hi-tops, and awesome time-killers like a ping pong table, that is, if you're up for having a stranger paddle your balls. Brew-wise they've got 20+ bottles (Scrumpy cider, Orval Trappist ale...), four drafts (Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat, Allagash White...), plus a run of sub-$5 cans that'll net you the likes of Wells Bombardier and Sixpoint Sweet Action, which, depending on how impressed your lady is with your ping pong skills, you might get twice. Harder-booze-wise they've got patio-specific cocktails that count spiked takes on lemonade, sweet tea, and punch, all available via pint glass or a larger, three-bros-required "cooler", or what all your friends'll think you are, provided you re-tell that Sweet Action joke and pretend like you totally came up with it on the spot.DBG's also slinging a smattering of noms ranging from chili-garlic chicken fingers, to lamb gyros, to a corn/sausage/tater-filled crab boil, which can be ordered single or for a party of sex... wait, no... six (there it is!).