Delicious meats and beers-a-plenty

Most folks use newfound success as a reason to spare themselves the bustle of the big city, like Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher in The Burbs or Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in The Money basically, if you're gonna be successful, you've gotta start banging Tom Hanks. For a group moving into the city with their latest venture, check out the crew at The Farmer's Cabinet.

Cabinet is the latest project from the folks behind Bethlehem's Tap & Table and East Falls' Fork & Barrel: a Victorian-era saloon serving up cocktails, choice beers, and dishes that're heavy on the meat, and outfitted with tufted couches, communal tables, blue & white damask wallpaper, and animal busts, which explains why he's always cuffed to something. Start off with bone marrow and roasted cippolini soup or a bourbon-braised escargot with Tasso ham, then grab a main like a brisket & bacon burger with heirloom tomatoes and a fried egg or a spring pea barotto with wild mushroom perserva; if you're crazy enough to share, dishes sized for two include a roasted goat leg or elk chops, something that's landed half the Moose Lodge in county lockup, right next to Animal. Cocktails prepped at a dedicated bar include a whiskey sour with your choice of bourbon, rye, Irish/ Scotch/ Japanese, or un-aged White Dog whiskeys; the served-warm Pirate's Coffee with whiskey, spiced rum, coffee, and brown sugar; and the Barrel Aged Martinez: gin, vermouth, Maraschino liqueur, and aromatic bitters mixed, then barrel-aged for 30 days, which they call "The Martini's Granddaddy", which usually gets stirred around 5:30a, then has absolutely nothing to do all day.

There're 26 taps and 80 bottles, including De Ranke Krick and A Vapeur Bises, all categorized by flavor, ready to do the beer thing right, and in a couple months, they'll start serving suds from their two-barrel "hyper-micro-brewery", which in comparison, will make you feel plenty Big.