Smash Koopas, drink beers

Boldly mixing drinking and quarters in ways that won't ruin the coffee table, Barcade's a Brooklyn-born venture that's part bar and part Cade McNown -- sike! -- part arcade, situated in an old electrical supply house that's been stripped to i-beams and brick before being fitted with a long, 25-tap bar and 35 '80s-sourced coin-op consoles.

The games, all playable for a quarter and each separated by a handy shelf for resting beers/snacks, are sometimes grouped by category, so while Tapper, Double Dragon, and Defender randomly ended up adjacent to each other, the F1-racer Turbo is next to Out Run, and another grouping includes Crystal Castles, Magic Sword, and Ghosts'n Goblins, which you presumably have to play in your underwear if any mindless zombies from Old City run into you.

The menu delivers small cheese & meat plates plus sammies like a pressed ham & Emmentaler job, while drink options come from a full bar mixing "any drink with ingredients in the name", and pouring crafts like Furthermore's Knot Stock and Port Brewing's Mongo, plus locals like Walt Wit, Cape of Good Hope, and Victory, which you can proudly down after defeating Mike TysonKing Hippo Don Flamenco.

Because your boss will surely encourage you to leave work very early upon hearing you can play Paperboy instead, they're offering a $10 sammie/ beer/ chip combo at lunch, plus $1 off drinks at a 5-7 M-F happy hour, and they've even got some outdoor benches for relaxing, until it's time to bounce like so many teak-chipping quarters.