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Awesomely gluttonous burgers and craft brews hit Manayunk

Manayunk has long been the domain of bars hyping watered-down you-call-it-specials, all while constantly under threat of being flooded by the chemically befouled Schuylkill fist-pumping clubbers. Looking to break that trend with craft brews: Lucky's Last Chance.

Lucky's brought pub-height two-tops into the former Yunkers while covering the walls with a rose-vine mosaic and sweet vintage beer posters, and also dropped the old joint's $2 lager specials and greasy bar snacks in favor of serious burgers prepped with local ingredients and a tidy roster of craft brews -- but not The Craft brews, 'cause who knows what that Fairuza Balk chick put in it while the other three were busy being hot. The menu's sandwich-heavy, with an almost-Elvis PB & bacon jawn with American, plus two-pattied burgers like the cheese-/ bacon-/ onions-stuffed Joocey Lucy, the El Guapo topped with guac, jalapenos, and nachos, and the cheese/ mac & cheese/ more cheese Mak Attack, which has nothing to do with Mark McGwire (no word on that Joocey one, though). The six taps're currently running sub-$6 sips like Summit Extra Pale Ale and Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, while the bottle selection offers high-gravs like Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot, Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous, and Founders Dirty Bastard, which will end with them having got your money. Don’t you worry, though. I said hey.

Because it is Manayunk, Lucky revamped the upstairs for a DJ'd, neon-'n-spinny-light club, and every Tuesday they'll host a four-beer "Flight Club" special, leaving you sounding like a fist-pumper as you shout "come at me, brew!"