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Scotchy Scotch & deep-fried Snickers on South St

Proving that following a legend won't always end in someone saying "Sorry sir, Meatloaf cleared out the continental breakfast" is Cambridge, which replaces the old grimy music venue Tritone with a new South St gastro from the crew behind Hawthorne's. A peek

The Digs: The C's intentionally weathered (after all, this was a pre-Civil War butchery), from a 12-stooled bar on your right with Depression-era lighting and like-they-were-yanked-from-a-plantation-home liquor shelves, to a 35-seat dining room to your left with wood-hewn banquettes and rolled-pipe chandeliers that feature globe wire frames that look sorta like miniature versions of American Gladiator powerballs -- so you know they're running on Elektric

The Drinks:... are strong, from four custom 'tails (get the Gringo Honeymoon: reposado, PAMA, Grand Marnier, lime), to a run of classics (Corpse Reviver #2!), to a half dozen Scotches. There's also beer aplenty, with 18 bottles including 25oz Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam and BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien, plus 24 drafts available in three sizes and including the likes of Ballast Point Sculpin and Sea Dog Blueberry. Blueberry beer. Y'know… for your health.

The Digestibles: Food's upscale pub fare-ish, with highlights counting braised short rib-packed mac & cheese, the brined-and-ground pork & long hot Porker burger, the mozz curd/ham hock gravy Chip Buddy Poutine, and a funnel cake-battered fried Snickers, or how Meatloaf washes down his continental breakfast.