Bourbon and bear pelts

The Modern Man's unmarked upstairs annex is called the Whiskey Room, and it looks like Teddy Roosevelt's living room might've, if TR was really into the Blazers, local microbrews, and Blitzen Trapper. The father-and-son operation is opening today to let its tuxedo-vested staff serve you Manhattans and more amidst the manliest environment imaginable, if you don't count the Temperate Deciduous Chuck Norris. To prove it, we inspected its various notable features with our foolproof Man Meter, which operates on a scale of 1-10: A large projector shows B&W westerns by day, and sports (Blazers, boxing, presumably Magnus Ver Magnusson shoulder-press videos) by night. Man Meter: 6 There's more wood than a junior high dance on the hand-built bar, which's burned with the MM's beautifully fitting logo: a mustache. Man Meter: 7 There is poker. Man Meter: 9 In addition to throat-warmers like Burnside Bourbon & Whippersnapper, the bar also boasts handles of Beam on swinging pendulums and a glass rifle full of tequila, which's enough to make even you look like El Guapo. Man Meter: 9.5 Eff Big Buck Hunter -- Room's got the massive heads of numerous actual bucks (Brad Lohaus?), plus a small arsenal of old revolvers. Man Meter: 17 Eff a tablecloth -- the main table is draped with a massive grizzly pelt. Boosh. Man Meter: 4492