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Fruit beer: now with 100% less girlishness

The federal government recommends two to four servings of fruit a day, so be the healthiest American ever and have many more at this weekend's Portland Fruit Beer Festival, featuring 25 astoundingly fruited brews from such operations as Block 15, Flat Tail, and Dogfish Head, the Delaware brewery presumably named after Admiral Ackbar's pet.Entries include fruity takes on the familiar -- a Raspberry Sour, a huckleberry IPA, a lychee lager -- while others get significantly stranger, including:Breakside's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie: If the Three Stooges wanted to ensure you'd actually laugh at them, they too would've made a golden ale in which they literally tossed entire pies into the mix during each phase of brewing.Gigantic's Hot Town, Summer in the City: This Imperial Black Saison is hotter than all the dudes from Twilight put together thanks to a wide variety of chilis, which, when they're not in TLC, are apparently fruits.Deschutes' Extinction Stout: Raspberries and velvety chocolate are the key ingredients in a deceptively smooth brew packing 9.5% ABV... wait. Chuggable chocolate at 9.5%? IT'S A TRAP!